Mayberry School History

James Henderson Mayberry received military warrants in Hamilton County for his Mexican War service in Captain Hardy's Company, 3rd Regiment Illinois Volunteers, on January 10, 1851. In January, 1854, he purchased additional land in the township named after his grandfather. On September 14th, 1867, James and his wife Elizabeth sold two acres to the Trustees of Township Six Range Seven East in Hamilton County for twenty dollars.

The first building was lumber construction in the late 1860's and the second Kalamazoo building blocks in the mid to late 1930's. The brick building had a sand and gravel water filter for rain collected by the gutters and a well with a handpump.

Heat was provided by a coal stove. Rick Vickers of Dale, IL shared that his grandfather Lofty Vickers used to walk from his home behind the school and start the fire before students arrived.

School teachers included: James Tyler, Charles and Wilburn Bozarth, Beaulah Clark, John Hardesty, Lester Sinclair, and Fern Simpson.

Mayberry School educated rural children until it was consolidated with the Board of Education Community Unit District #3 of White and Hamilton Counties in 1951. Harry Mayberry purchased the building at a public auction on July 28, 1951. Harry was the great grandson of Frederick Mayberry, II. Shortly after moving with his wife Mary, Harry passed away from appendicitis complications. His son Wilson acquired the property from the estate. Wilson had completed eight grades at the one-room building along with his siblings. The photos on this page are from his sister Dorothy's photo album.

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Dorothy (Mayberry) McMahon's Photo Album

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Teachers 1896 - 1907

1896 - Robert Gunter
1897 - Robert Gunter, C W Johnson, William Rohder
1898 - William Rohder, J W Philips
1899 - J W Philips, Frank Lasater
1900 - Arthur Hardesty, Frank Lasater, A E Young
1901 - A E Young, A S Crouse
1902 - Andy Crouse, Arthur Hardesty
1903 - C G Stewart, Andy Crouse
1904 - Andy Crouse, Vesta Robinson, Rella Sloan
1905 - Edwin Allen
1906 - Ed M Lasater
1907 - Ed M Lasater, Allen Lasater

Teachers 1908 - 1918

1908 - Ed M Lasater, Andy Crouse
1909 - Andy Crouse, A S Snyder
1910 - T A Snyder
1911 - C G Stewart, John Hardesty, A S Snyder, John Hardesty
1912 - John Hardesty, Ed M Lasater
1913 - Ed M Lasater, W D Crawford
1914 - C M Thompson, Alvin Williams
1915 - Alvin Williams, Ed M Lasater
1916 - Ed M Lasater, A L Moore
1917 - A L Moore, Al Mayberry, A L Moore, C M Thompson
1918 - C M Thompson, Grace Harrawood, Edgar M Prince