L&N Shawneetown Branch

St. Louis Division Railroad Map

  • The Shawneetown Branch of the L&N Railroad started at McLeansboro Junction, IL, milepost 384.45 and terminated at Old Shawneetown, IL, milepost 423.04.

    This map begins at McLeansboro Junction, IL and ends at Old Shawneetown, IL.

    The St. Louis Division of the L&N Railroad started at East St. Louis, IL, milepost 486.81 and terminated at Howell Yard, Evansville, IN, milepost 323.

    This map begins at North St. Louis, MO Freight Yard and ends at Henderson, KY Ohio River Bridge.

    The track path and mileposts are displayed. The stations recorded on the old schedules seem to indicate the edge of town. In some cases, locations were extrapolated using Google Earth or other tools.

    Tony Howe and David Price's Mississippi Rails Google Earth Files made it possible to display the railroad routes. In some instances, the track coordinates have been updated.

    Touching or clicking a milepost marker will show a photo if it is available and some brief information.

    Selecting the route itself may also display some data.

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