Photos from White County, IL

White County lies east of Hamilton in southern Illinois. It was subdivided to create Hamilton County. Below are some photos from around the area.

1908 White County Courthouse

White County Courthouse

Carmi Motel

Downtown Enfield, IL

Ecko Motel
Enfield, IL

Public School & M. E. Church
Enfield, IL

St. Patrick's Church
Enfield, IL

West Main Street
Enfield, IL

Cows Rescued 1913 Flood
Grayville, IL

Grayville Electric Light Plant

Grayville High School

Grayville School

North Street
Grayville, IL

Norris City School 1909

Norris City School 1946

1946 Cardinal

Norris City School 1947

1947 Cardinal

On July 1st, 1948, ground was broken for the new Norris City High School building. The facility included a 450-seat auditorium and a gymnasium with a capacity for 3,500 people. Eighth through twelfth grades are housed at the new high school building.

In 1949, Norris City Community Unit Number 3 High School was created by merging 19 rural one-room schools with the Norris City School System.

In 1953, Omaha High School joined Norris City forming the Norris City-Omaha (NCO) Community Unit Number 3 High School.

- 1949 Cardinal Yearbook
- Edward Oliver, Villager’s Voice, May 25, 2016

New Norris City High School Features

1949 Cardinal

Ralph Legeman of Evansville, IN designed the new high school at Norris City including a gym that was first of its kind in southern Illinois. Both the playing floor (70' x 110') and nine rows of bleachers were below ground. Spectators entered the building at the top bleacher. The roof was supported by steel trusses bent at an angle. Mr. Legeman designed 27 other gymnasiums and licensed 10 more including Evansville's Roberts Stadium.

- Remember Roberts Stadium
He Dreamed It Up on a Sleepless Night, Evansville Press, September 1, 1949

Norris City High School 1972

1972 Cardinal

Norris City Grade School 1974

1974 Cardinal

In 1953, Omaha High School in Gallatin County consolidated into Norris City-Omaha (NCO) Community Unit Number 3 High School.

1957 Cardinal