Over the creeks and through the woods

Grandma and Grandpa Mayberry lived in Mayberry Township, Illinois.

This site contains history, memories, and photos of a southern Illinois treasure.


Mayberry Township Map

Mayberry Township Location

Mayberry Township began as a precinct named after Frederick Mayberry, II, a revolutionary war soldier originally from Bedford County, Virginia.  His first land purchase in Hamilton County was made in 1818.

Ralph Harrelson's article reported the first land recorded in Hamilton County was John B. Stovall on February 13th, 1815 in southeast Mayberry Township, section 11, Township 7S, Range 7E.  The location was south of Big Hill and west of Gossett.

Harrelson, Ralph S., A New Geography of Illinois: Hamilton County. Benton, IL: Illinois Magazine XVII, No. 2 (February 1978): 13-40 pp.

History of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin, and Williamson Counties, Illinois.
The Goodspeed Publishing, Co., 1887.


Feakeyville Store from Edward Oliver

Hardesty Store

Feakeyville was located at intersection of present day Army Navy Store and Norris City Roads in Mayberry Township.  Felix Gross had been given the nickname "Feakey" by his wife.  They owned a store at the southeast corner of the intersection.  

A post office with the name Felix was opened on 4/1/1895.  Mr. Gross was the first postmaster.  Hardy Hughes purchased the store and was postmaster until 12/14/1902 when the area was converted to Rural Free Delivery (RFD) Broughton.  Subsequent owners of the store were Joseph Evans and Dougless Johnson.

Mack Hardesty built a store at the northwest corner of Norris City and Army Navy Store roads.  The township constructed a building for voting and meetings west of the Hardesty store.  In 1973, a new voting house was placed west of the store in a group of trees.  My grandma and mom both served as election judges.   The block building remains as a residence and voting has been moved to the Broughton Community Center.

Ghost Towns of Southern Illinois by Glenn J. Sneed
The Goodspeed Publishing, Co., 1887.

Veterans Memorial

Airmen place flags, honor Veterans Day by Ronald Bradshaw

Veteran grave photos and locations.

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Veterans Buried Overseas

Small Wall of the Missing - Netherlands

Three veterans from World War II never returned.

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One Room Schools

Mayberry School 1937

Twelve one-room school houses were built in Mayberry Township.

Photos and history of:

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Hoodville/Dale Refinery

Hoodville/Dale Refinery Compressor Building

The Texas Company operated a refinery in Hamilton County for over 20 years.

Photos and history of the:

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Elder Shirt Factory

Elder Factory Service Pins

The women of Hamilton County and surrounding areas sewed millions of shirts for Elder Manufacturing Company during 58 years of operations in McLeansboro.

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War Emergency Pipeline, Norris City, IL Terminal

First War Emergency Pipeline Train Leaves Norris City

Norris City, Illinois was the midwest terminal for the War Emergency Pipeline. It transferred oil to rail cars until the pipeline was completed to the east coast.

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Santa Fe 2319

Santa Fe 2319 in the bushes

Is that a train in Mayberry Township?

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Southeastern Illinois Railroads

Railroad track west of Eldorado

Railroads were an important part of rural southeastern Illinois.


New Shawneetown B & O Depot

New Shawneetown Depot 2017

The B & O Railroad St. Louis and Springfield Divisions passed through southeastern Illinois. Photos, maps, schedules, and history for the Springfield Division can be found here in memory of those that built and operated the line.

B & O Railroad

Springfield Division South Mileposts

Springfield Division North Mileposts

St. Louis Division Mileposts

Dale L & N Depot

Dale Depot

The L & N Railroad's St. Louis Division and Shawneetown Branch serviced southeastern Illinois. Photos, maps, schedules, and history for both divisions have been assembled to remember their presence.

L & N Railroad

St. Louis Division Mileposts

Shawneetown Branch Mileposts

Stonefort Big 4 Depot Museum

Stonefort Depot Museum 2018

The Big 4 Railroad ran from Cairo to Vincennes across southern Illinois. Photos, maps, schedules, and history have been collected to preserve its legacy.

Big 4 Railroad

Cairo Division Mileposts

Southern Illinois Railway & Power Company

Eldorado Interurban Mural

An electric railway ran from Eldorado to Carrier Mills for twenty years.

SIR&P Co. History

SIR&P Co. Station List

Mayberry Township Churches

Shiloh Church 2017

Several churches were built in Mayberry Township. Four buildings remain with two having regular services.

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Mayberry Township Cemeteries

Gholson Cemetery

There are 11 cemeteries in Mayberry Township. A burial list is available along with cemetery locations and veteran grave maps.

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1968 Earthquake

1968 Illinois earthquake

By Mononomic [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

On November 9, 1968 at 11:01 CST, an earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale was centered in Mayberry Township at a depth of about 12 miles.  The event was felt from Nebraska to North Carolina and from Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico.  The location was at the extreme southern end of the Fairfield Basin and about 107 miles northeast of the 1811 New Madrid quake that was the largest in the continental United States.  An aftershock quake rated at 4 on the Richter scale was detected at St. Louis University approximately 1 hr and 45 minutes later.  My grandma reported watching the propane tank dancing in the yard while she held on to the doorway.

Notes on the Earthquake of November 9, 1966 in Southern Illinois.
Paul C. Heigold, Illinois State Geological Survey

Illinois Deepest Well

Ruhrfisch Oil Derrick

Ruhrfisch GFDL via Wikimedia Commons

The deepest oil well in Illinois was drilled in Mayberry Township by Texaco, Inc.  Known as the Cuppy No. 1, the drilling was completed on December 14, 1965 to a depth of 13,501 feet.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Oil and Gas Resources Map

1925 Tornado

Twisted Oak Tree after storm

On March 18, 1925, a large tornado system moved through the tri-state area.

41 souls lost their lives in Hamilton County.

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